How Jumpstart promotes Good Health and Work-life Balance

Much has been said about the numerous benefits of co-working in each aspect. The Co-working co-working culture boosts creativity, presents valuable networking opportunities to professionals of all stripes, increases productivity, and makes the processes more efficient.

However, whenever work arrives, stress tries to sneak in too. Conventional work culture has often been the reason behind the declining mental and physical health of employees all around India.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of the world of work, new forms of working arrangements have found their way into the work culture.

Let’s look at what Jumpstart, the most unique co-working spaces space in Dehradun has to offer in terms of good health and a balanced lifestyle.

Work from home modules can push one into depression as one might feel lonely and disconnected. The conventional 9-5 workweek has always been known to be counterproductive to health and productivity because it promotes a highly sedentary lifestyle, which is harmful in the long run.

Jumpstart’s flexible plans are specifically curated to provide you with the healthiest work-life balance. When you are working at this co-working space in Dehradun, you would feel better about the overall experience than those working in closeted cabins with the least social interaction.

After a lack of fit social interactions, one tends to go into acute isolation and the formation of addictive habits such as smoking and drinking.

Co-working brings diversity to individuals as well as businesses in a close-knit environment. This facilitates a positive effect on physical and mental health. 

Jumpstart houses the most lavish and well-equipped lounge for those relaxation breaks, social interaction, and interactive activities which promote better health in an individual. One can avail of these facilities with our cost-effective daily passes. With the rejuvenating ambience, one can look forward to shaping lasting professional and personal relationships.

At Jumpstart, the best co-working space in Dehradun, not only your business will find the best ways to nurture but it has a lot more to offer in terms of personal well-being and aims to create a healthy, efficient, and happy work-abode. 

While we are closed as per the government orders to control this second wave outbreak, we urge you to follow all necessary guidelines and take care of yourself and your family. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.