Jumpstart: How co-working spaces have changed the work culture!

Work culture in India has been radically evolving over the years. Lately, we have developed into a healthy work culture that is ever-expanding. Much has been said about the work-life balance and co-working culture has been one of the major highlights of our progress. 

Jumpstart is an initiative that aims to bring the co-working culture into cities with a lot of potential but limited resources. Cities like Dehradun are crowded with talented and visionary individuals who want to build independent businesses or work remotely from the comfort of a valley.

This created a need for such a hub where ideas could flow freely without the restriction of resources and daily hassles. Jumpstart is one such hub.

Coworking culture has brought a lot of good practices to the city. Let’s take a look at how Jumpstart has revolutionized the work culture of Dehradun. 

Perks: Jumpstart is specifically curated as per the typical needs of a business environment. Our co-working space has ample working space, parking, Dedicated Desks, a Flexible Workstation, Team Cabins, and a Conference Room. With high-speed internet, you don’t have to deal with ISPs regularly.  

 Control & Flexibility: With ‘Jumpstart, you have the flexibility and control over your hours. Without the risk of losing time & money, you get to decide your own space & time. With memberships for days, months, and years, Jumpstart provides you exactly the amount of space you need for the time that you do.

Mentorship & Grooming: Mentorship programs through Jumpstart’s wide network of extremely qualified domain-knowledge experts in various fields are always available with in-depth legal and financial know-how through our vetted list of service providers on various aspects of business like creating a Business Plan, Company Creation, HR, Design, Accounting, Intellectual Property, Business Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

Networking: Imagine being at a place where the action is. When you are at Jumpstart, you are surrounded by people who are constantly looking to connect with another. A place where your ideas will take shape. Jumpstart will help you in building your network in various sectors. This brings you to the doorstep of multiple opportunities to grow and collaborate.  

Relaxation: We all need a break sometimes. This is the most exciting feature of our working space. A lounge that is dedicated to providing you the perfect break-place. Also, it is a potential place to meet up with your client while you discuss your plans. One can enjoy unlimited beverages with one’s subscription. 

In many ways, Jumpstart is now a success story. We are ever-evolving and expanding.

After all, who would deny themselves the access to be in a place full of opportunities, action, and experience?