Freelancers Work Better in Office Spaces than Coffee Shops

Freelancers! The very first thing that comes to mind with this word is the concept of self-employed. A self-employed person sets his/her own rules, deciding his/her working hours, working part-time or full time on projects, and with clients of their liking. But do they tend to work better in a coffee shop or a shared office space?

 As we know, being a freelancer brings a lot of challenges in one’s life, and one of the toughest is finding a good place to carry out his/her work. Now usually this search for a good place to work begins with working in a nearby coffee shop. But does it end there? No, we all know how a coffee shop could be. There are several disturbances that could simply halt the workflow. Coffee Shops can be noisy and with all the background noises, they simply can’t be an ideal place for a conference call or to concentrate on a project. The next issue that can come up is the space, without a dedicated desk you may find yourself sitting at a table with lots of other people serving with no help but distractions. Wi-Fi can be unstable, power plugs can be hard to come by. Coffee shops could also be expensive as most of them will expect you to buy a few more than just a coffee.

However, in a coworking office space, something new is established. The workplace itself is simply more productive. The Wi-Fi is usually more stable, with plenty of power plugs. And there’s no pressure to buy a coffee since you have a membership (which almost always includes free coffee). Noise is not an issue as every other person in a coworking office space is working on his/her project. Moreover, people come to co-working spaces specifically for the people so it’s no longer weird to ask them for their help and affirmation on their projects.

Thus, while working as a freelancer in Dehradun we advise you to go for shared office space than a coffee shop. Jumpstart lets you work in a hassle-free environment with stable Wi-Fi and pocket-friendly plans.