Stuck in the dilemma of choosing between a serviced office space and a coworking space? Here we are to clear the air and debunk a few myths about coworking spaces so that you can make the right decision while choosing an office workspace in Dehradun or anywhere for that matter.

Picking the right office workspace is a crucial thing as it can either spike up the company’s productivity and reputation or it can lead to the downfall of the same.

Therefore, in this write-up, we’ve debunked five myths about coworking. To get clarity, stay tuned and read further.

Myth 1 – Coworking is chaotic and it’s a zero-privacy zone

Some say coworking can be very chaotic and has no privacy for people who like having their own space. On the flip side, coworking spaces offer workspace that satisfies everyone. From individual desks to private conference rooms and much more is available in coworking spaces. It’s great if you can work with other individuals and if not, separate spaces are also provided. 

Myth 2 – Coworking spaces are costly

Reports say that companies that hire co-working spaces instead of traditional offices save up to 26%per employees over 5 years. Think about it yourself if you hire an office workspace tomorrow, you might end up with a lot of bills to be paid. From furnishing to cleaning and taxes, many factors are there that convince us to go for a coworking space rather than leasing a property. Rent the best coworking space in Dehradun as it will save cost and still provide all amenities found in an office.

Myth 3 – Only freelancers and startups rent coworking spaces

Across the globe, coworking spaces had a great history with young start-ups as it offers opportunities to collaborate, provide flexibility and innovation in work. The big companies saw clear benefits of coworking spaces and that’s why they always opted over anything else.

Myth 4 – Shared office spaces are boring and almost the same everywhere

This myth makes no sense as it is practically not possible. Coworking spaces are very creative that allow the flow of innovative ideas and products. Every coworking space is distinct from another, and one can find what suits their business needs with extensive research as well. Even better if you try for yourself!

Myth 5 – Clients won’t recognize your company

Inviting your client to the coworking space might look like walking them through the rows of chitty chatty co-workers and chaotic vibe. In reality, this idea is non-existent. Today, even in office workspaces, you get an elegant private office area where you can hold your meetings and create a great impression on your potential clients. Moreover, when it comes to hiring new employees, millennials like to work in lively offices.

We hope we bust some myths about coworking that helps you pick an option that fits best for your business. Coworking can offer more business opportunities than you expect. You can rent our office workspace in Dehradun, Jumpstart and experience the goodness of this way of work.