The concept of coworking spaces in Dehradun is getting quite famous for a few years now. Many people are even opting for them as they are flexible and offers a plethora of networking opportunities. Yet there are some factors one must keep in mind before investing money in renting coworking spaces.

With lots of options available it can get hard for people to narrow down their search to one, without extensive research. One can make many mistakes before opting for a coworking space.

So, we have compiled a list of mistakes that you must avoid while looking for the best coworking space in Dehradun.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of price range

Many times, people think that the cheaper the price of a coworking space the better it is. Don’t compare office spaces like that. You must look at the other services they offer in that price range like the location, the spaciousness, the equipment, and the environment while searching for a coworking space in Dehradun. There’s no benefit in renting a place that comes at a low cost but does not suffice your needs.

  • Keep notice of the furnishing quality

Take into account the age of the property where the coworking space is now set upon. Look at the pictures and ask around the locals about the condition of the area during monsoon season. This will give you a lot of insight if you will be comfortable in there during all seasons. Also, a creative interior adds up to the vibe of working space so select a coworking space in Dehradun that has creative elements to enhance your creativity. Make sure that the maintenance issues are normally managed well by the manager.

  • Conference room facility or common area facility

For a start-up or any business for that matter, common areas and conference rooms are very important to hold meetings. Sometimes, there are gatherings that need a space with a larger capacity. Check the availability of a common area in the coworking space you’re looking for. These spaces can also be utilized for training freshers of your company and can be availed at budget-friendly prices.

  • Power backups and outages

While looking for a coworking space in Dehradun, also check the website or directly contact the manager and ask about the power backups support customers get in the case of light outages. Some options come at a cheaper price but they only give UPS backup while some shared office spaces include air conditioning, internet, and generators in their backups. Jumpstart, coworking space in Dehradun never lets the customer and their work suffers and gives as many advantages to them as possible on a cost-effective budget.

  • Central and clean locale

We can’t stress this enough that the location of your business will determine the kind of growth you’ll have to some extent. If your business involves regular visits of customers then you must make sure the coworking space you’re hiring is in a clean location because the first impression is the last impression. The best coworking space in Dehradun is located in the poshest area of the city which can be a bit expensive than other options, but it will also give you profit. A business’s hiring circle also expand in the locations that attract the working crowd.

We hope you’ll keep all these things in mind to find a coworking space suitable for your business.

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