Everything to Know About Flexible Office Spaces

Traditional offices no longer meet the demands of modern businesses and offer a relatively restricted range of services. As a result, businesses have gradually made the move to more flexible working arrangements, such as workers working remotely part-time or taking advantage of flexi-hours. We have also witnessed an acceleration in this change as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and a growing number of organizations are now looking for a flexible alternative to traditional offices to support a dynamic working paradigm. The solution? Flexible office spaces.

What Exactly is a Flexible Office Space?

A flexible office space is a modern form of office that is meant to create a dynamic workspace for businesses by providing both common areas and individual workrooms.

A flexible office is completely furnished with necessary office equipment such as desks, chairs, computers, internet, and phone lines. This means fewer startup costs for organizations and less downtime during the move-in process because employees can just plug in and start working right away.

The primary distinction between a flexible office space and a regular office is that a flexible office offers much more than just basic office facilities, such as building management services, IT and secretarial assistance, break-out areas, and meeting rooms.

Different Types of Flexible Office Spaces

There are mainly three types of flexible workspaces, namely:

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is an office building that offers pre-furnished and fully-equipped private offices with great customer care and other professional amenities such as community break areas and smart conference rooms. Serviced offices can be hired on a long or short-term basis, and can be expanded to meet the ever-changing demands of a firm.

Coworking Spaces

A coworking office space has an open-plan design that promotes team collaboration and a social atmosphere. In addition to hot desks and collaborative workplaces, coworking offices sometimes include high-tech conference rooms, common kitchens, and a welcoming front desk.

Coworking spaces are an economical solution that, like a coffee shop, provides a relaxed yet productive environment that is great for creative firms, freelance employees, and small start-up businesses.

Hybrid Office Spaces

A hybrid office space combines the benefits of a serviced office and coworking office space by offering businesses a shared community space as well as the option to rent a private office in the same building.

This provides employees the option of working in a more relaxed environment or a quiet office for more concentrated work. Like the majority of other flexible office spaces, hybrid offices also involve facility upkeep and customer service.

Jumpstart’s Flexible Workspace Offering

At Jumpstart, we provide premium flexible office spaces in the most desirable locations, complete with contemporary shared facilities and soundproof offices. We provide businesses with a professional work atmosphere that reflects their good brand reputation and promotes company success.

Our helpful site personnel is available to provide first-rate customer service and IT assistance. We take great pleasure in our attention to detail and offer a personalized service so you and your staff can concentrate on running your business while we handle the rest.

So, if you’re looking to rent a flexible office space for your company, please visit our office locations or contact our staff for more information.