In 2020, a pandemic hit us and no one ever thought that the future of work will look like this. Today, the work culture has become more adaptable, flexible and comfortable. Along with masks on our faces and social distancing, coworking has also become ‘Our New Normal’.

Now, the working sector finds coworking more feasible which tells that coworking is here to stay. Coworking spaces set their footway earlier but the covid-19 pandemic made it one of the necessities for many people. Now in a city like ours, we saw people renting coworking spaces in Dehradun just to stay productive.

Now that we are dealing with covid-19 waves, most office workers have to work from home but it is not something that keeps everyone productive. So, coworking spaces come to the rescue.

Here are some trends that determine that coworking will surge more than ever shortly, as follows:

–      Highly tech-equipped workspaces

The world is getting advanced and hi-tech, technology is binding workers with their management seamlessly. In the near future, technology will make sure that collaboration becomes way smoother than now to keep the work functional leading to a surge in coworking.

–      Flexible structure

Coworking spaces offer high flexibility in terms of timings, space and cost. This allows workers to manage their work and life effectively. Workers will have the upper hand in upcoming years which will lead to more advancement in facilities. To avail of this flexible structure, you can also rent top shared office space in Dehradun.

–      Devolution of office spaces

The fashion of keeping hundreds of employees under one roof has now changed. The well-being and good health of employees will keep offices more decentralised paving the way to coworking spaces. The model of one headquarters and more decentralised small offices will rise. Most corporates themselves hire coworking spaces for their employees.

–      More significance to workers safety and health

Wellness and health are becoming a priority for people. The coworking space in Dehradun offers areas that lets one unwind and relax for a bit which also helps to increase the flow of productivity.

–      Market trends

In recent times, employees have relied heavily upon the coworking spaces which attracts investors. More investments are being made in the coworking industry and it will definitely surge more.

These are a few trends that we’ve been observing to determine the future of coworking. If you like this type of work culture, then reach out to Jumpstart, the top shared office space in Dehradun and give it a try!